Did you know that at Aspirations Outdoor Adventures we run a series of pretty special races?

The Aspirations Christmas Charity Mud Run (2nd weekend of December)

The Feb-Freeze Paintball OCR (2nd weekend of February)

The Soul Breaker 10 Trail Race (3rd weekend of March)

Our races are designed to offer a fun and friendly experience for all who take part, and as of 2020 we have made it possible for kids to join in with the fun too (excluding the Soul Breaker 10). All those who have ever taken part in any of our events will testify to our famously tasty food and our goody bags as two reasons worthy of the entry fee alone! and with Bespoke medals now offered to those taking part in the Feb-Freeze and The Soul Breaker 10, these races really are like no other event you will have entered before.

The Aspirations Christmas Charity Mud Run

( Date TBC)

Raising money for local charities, The Aspirations Christmas Charity Mud Run is a 2.5/5km race and is a great way to end the year. A bit of muddy fun whilst getting in the festive spirit, all whilst raising money for a worthy cause. This race is kid friendly, but all kids must be accompanied by a paying adult 18+.

And as with all our events, Hot showers, Tasty soup, and yummy home made mince pies make this event more like a gathering of friends than a race.

Price; £12.50pp


The Feb-Freeze Paintball OCR.

( Date – 08/02/2020 )

Now this really is something special, how many obstacle course races (OCR) have you ever run where one of the challenges is to avoid being shot by paintballs? didn’t think so. So if your reasons for entering an OCR is to experience something a bit different then the Feb-Freeze Paintball OCR really is your only choice. comprising of a 4km loop ran twice (8km total) this race has a bit of everything you want from an OCR, running, man made obstacles, cold water, deep mud and of course the chance of being shot by a paintball sniper! (face masks are provided and fitted by a trained member of staff, all runners entering the paintball zone will only be aloud to do so if the marshals deem you safe to do so, long sleeved clothing is highly recommended in this area) but don’t panic, if being shot isn’t your thing, this section can be substituted for some extra obstacles. and if you’re a younger member of the population wanting to take part (under 14) then we have a 1.5km section which is just about the obstacles and avoids the deep mud and the paintball section. Which makes this a truly family friendly event. (please not that all kids 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult 18+ whether taking part in the main event or the mini race. and all runners must pay to enter).

As always all finishers will receive access to hot showers (first come first served) a goody bag, super tasty soup (vegetarian friendly) our infamous cakes and as of 2020, All finishers will receive a bespoke medal to show off to their friends.

There will also be prizes for winning Male, Female and Best Fancy Dress.

Price; The Mini Race £8pp /  Feb-Freeze Paintball OCR £20pp


The Soul Breaker 10 Trail Race.

( Date; 21/03/2020 )

There are trail races, and then there’s The Soul Breaker 10 Trail Race.

What makes this special? well to start with the 10km and 10mile routes cover just about every kind of terrain you can imagine, including fields, fire tracks, muddy trails, rocky paths, farm lanes, tarmac roads, river crossings, some steep climbs, ok a lot of steep climbs! evergreen forests, deciduous forests, footpaths and a lot of old drovers trails in and around the little villages of Cwmpengraig, Penboyr, Drefelin, and Drefach Felindre.

There is a saying that “everything that goes up must come down”, but on these races it is somewhat the opposite, with the race starting and finishing at 1000+ feet above sea level, and dropping to as low as 150 feet above sea level, The 10km race accumulates some 800 feet of ascent and the 10miler a whopping 1800 feet. leaving us to remind people who enter that it is more true to say that “what goes down must indeed go back up”!!

This is a great test for those runners who like a challenge, and due to the nature of the terrain we do recommend that those entering make sure they have appropriately grippy footwear, and that they do try and gain some experience on trails and trail running. Due to the nature of the race we do have an age limit of 14 and all runners 17 or under must be accompanied by an adult 18+.

As with all our races, All finishers will receive access to hot showers ( although hot water is limited so you’d better run fast!!) hot Soups (vegetarian friendly) Super scrumptious and pretty much world famous by now cakes, a goody bag, some pretty awesome bespoke medals, and an optional T-shirt.

There are also prizes for winning Males and Females in both race distances.

Price; 10km £15pp / 10mile £20pp